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  • A: If the patient is having signs of memory loss and language difficulties, vision loss or sometimes personality change or mood change, this means he is having the symptoms of senile dementia. Doctor check up is advised immediately.
  • A: There are 7 stages of senile dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of senile dementia, major depression and degeneration in the cerebral cortex can also cause it. Hope this can help you :)
  • A: In the early stage the patient may experience difficulty in walking, thinking or doing regular activities. He may find it difficult to follow conversation, may experience short term memory loss.
  • A: Supervision increases because their mental can be so limited that they can become a danger to themselves. These patients can experience hallucinations, delusions, confusion and wandering. The progression of this illness cause patients to become frail, incontinent, and immobile.
  • A: You must follow each and every single thing that the doctor will say about the patient. This stage will help you understand how your loved one may change and what you can expect.
  • A: Well, dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs due to certain diseases and I just know that there are 7 stages of dementia.
  • A: Try the website www.alz.org. It is all about Dementia and Alzheimer's and they have a good post about the 7 stages,
  • A: Hello, you will get all the information at dementiacarecentral.com there is a dementia table with all the stages.
  • A: Hi, what I know about the stages is that in the early stages, it can manifest as absentmindedness or forgetfulness. The patient may forget names, or where they left their keys. Since most people occasionally forget things, these early symptoms can go unnoticed, however, they will become more frequent and more severe, eventually developing into other symptoms of dementia.
  • A: The stages are: no impairment of normal function, very mild cognitive decline, mild cognitive decline...

Causes of Dementia

The most common causes of dementia in people over the age of sixty-five are AD or Alzheimer's disease. These are possibly caused by amyloid plaque and tangles in the neurofibrillary. When this happens, almost all functions of the brain including abstract thinking, behavior, judgment, language, movement and memory are affected. Vascular dementia is next to Alzheimer's as a top dementia cause as this is caused by damage to the brain from cardiovascular or cerebrovascular problems, otherwise known as getting a 'stroke.' Other issues that cause the inhibition of vascular functions can also cause dementia. In general, the term describing a symptom collection the includes a decrease in the functioning of intellect interfering with being able to function in normal life is what describes people who have 2 or more major impairments in their life functions such as language, perception, reasoning or judgment. People with dementia might also lose their behavioral and emotional control, have problem solving reduced abilities or develop...

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Dementia and the Basic Info about It

If there are people out there that are into the overall outlook of the diseases, you have to think about dementia as one that is still considered a disease that is untreatable. Dementia is a mental condition that is usually caused by illnesses that affect the brain, and it will be one that will eventually lead to the conditions of memory loss, hard time to communicate, and confusion. There are thousands of people who have been treating dementia in their families. While there are certainly test dementia examinations to check the severity of the condition, there might be still questions you might want to ask about it. Most people have associated the condition as retardation, and have used the term retard dementia to point it out. There are actually several types dementia may bring to the families, and one may need to understand each. Among the most common is the...

Dealing with the Diseases of Dementia

When you have a family member suffering from the conditions that have affected the body, you will have to consider taking the time to look into the different types dementia may be. To gather as much dementia information as possible like the Frontal temporal dementia will help in the overall process of dealing dementia with the right methods. In order for a person to appreciate the conditions, he must take into mind some steps to treat the disorder and to live with it accordingly. For most cases, when the families already find it hard to work with the patient, the best they could do is to ask for the dementia assisted living conditions. When it comes to the medication for the disorder, there are only those that will aid and support a person and make him feel sedated. Most have assumed that the conditions are not really treatable, but there...

ICDHIV — The Aids Dementia Complex

ICDHIV stands for the International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems that have to do with the HIV virus. Also known as AIDS dementia complex, HIV dementia is a neurocognitive disorder associated with HIV. This is a neurological disorder that is common and has to do with AIDS. This is encephalopathy that is metabolic and induced by an HIV infection caused by immune-activation of microglia and brain macrophages. These secrete neurotoxins that have HIV infections of both viral and host origin. The ADC essential features are disabled cognition impairment that comes with speech problems, motor dysfunction and change in behavior. Impairment that is cognitive is shown by memory problems, mental slowness and concentration that is poor. There is also a loss of fine control in motor skills leading to tremors, poor balance and being clumsy. Changes in behavior include lethargy, apathy and diminished spontaneity and emotional response. This...

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